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Improve Your Design, Reduce Time & Maintain Aesthetic Control 
With Over 30% Cost Savings!

FenestraPro Premium for Revit is an intuitive and easy to use add-in that enables architects to design energy efficient building façades to comply with building regulations and required performance, without compromising the aesthetic of the façade. It integrates building design with performance, and allows the Architect to maintain control of the aesthetic of the building and improves the design process by eliminating costly late stage redesign fees.

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"We constantly seek to integrate innovative and cutting-edge tools…As an Add-in for Revit, FenestraPro Premium offers flexibility and quickness to test different forms, and provides detailed information about thermal, solar and daylight performance that helps us make informed decisions about building orientation, solar shading, and amount, distribution and type of glazing. Getting guidance on these decisions early in the design process offers the ability to have a greater positive impact on the design, and avoid cost implications of design changes later on."


- Natalia Quintanilla, Sustainability Specialist and Architect
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects


Natalia Quintanilla Photo
matt peterman

"There are so many options and ways that any design can go, and so many explorations that are happening on any project during the design phase. Being able to distill these options down to a set of criteria that allow you to meet the aesthetic demands and needs, while also optimizing them for energy consumption is impossible without tools that pair those things together. There are not many, if any, tools that do that, besides FenestraPro."


- Matt Petermann, Digital Practice Manager
Perkins & Will


"FenestraPro Premium is a feature rich solution to a problem that has yet to be fully addressed and would be a great addition to any energy analysis workflow. It's like a full-on separate program that is capable of doing a tonne of stuff and is one of the most 'fully baked' add-ins I've seen."


- Carl Storms, Senior Applications Expert and Blogger
The BIMsider


carl storms

FenestraPro Premium

The FenestraPro Premium Add-In for Revit enables Architects to maintain aesthetic control over the design based on the predicted performance of the facade. It improves the façade design process and generates savings by eliminating late stage redesign, and enables designers to understand the implication of their design decisions, and apply them directly to the Revit model. 

See FenestraPro Premium for Revit Version 4.0 in Action!

FenestraPro Premium 4.0 Short Demo

Comparative Analysis of Alternative Designs and Decisions

Impact of Material Selection

FenestraPro Workflow - Formit - Revit/FenestraPro - Insight

FenestraPro is excited to join AIA Continuing Education to enable architects to keep current, master new knowledge and skills, plan for the future, and responsibly meet the role society entrusts to a professional architect. These programs also allow members to fulfill a requirement for AIA membership and meet any state mandatory continuing education requirements.