15/07/2018 - FenestraPro Premium

FenestraPro are proud Autodesk Authorized Developer


FenestraPro are proud Autodesk Authorized Developer

A joint goal of leveraging the power of the cloud to provide performance insight to the facade design and fabrication process.

As part of our work with Autodesk, we hope to enhance the seamless connections between Autodesk Revit and FenestraPro Premium, and continue the significant progress we have made around adding value to Revit for the early stage design of building facades.


fenestrapro linc

In partnership with Autodesk, we have developed FenestraPro Linc.

Linc, which will be available on Autodesk’s Quantum platform, is part of the FenestraPro Premium suite that allows users to access live manufacturers data, and search, filter, import, and compare different building enclosure products on the cloud. These properties can be incorporated directly into their Revit models, while attaching the properties and specification to Revit families.

These updates can be instantaneously be synced with other platforms, and also viewed and modified through the Forge viewer, giving agnostic cross-platform functionality.



fenestrapro premium

We have also done significant work in further enhancing the complementary nature of FenestraPro Premium within architectural collections, and using and complementing Autodesk Insight. Working with the Insight360 team, we have identified powerful workflows on how to dovetail the two applications.


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