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Welcome to the FenestraPro Premium User Support Portal - you are on your way to building better performing buildings! Below you will find links to download the latest install file and user guide to set you started. We hope we can answer any questions you may have on using our software within Autodesk Revit, but don't hesitate to contact us at for further assistance.

Click to download the latest install file of FenestraPro Premium 4.1


Version release (Released 11/04/18)
Release Notes:

1. Includes New Dashboard
2. Custom User Defined Standards and Overall Performance Metric
3. Improved UI for Conceptual Masses
4. Custom Grouping and Curtain Wall Generation (beta)
5. Improved Performance, General Maintenance and Bug fixes
6. Fix for multiple models open simultaneously in Revit

Click to download the latest install file of FenestraPro Premium 4.0 


Version (Released 01/02/18)
Release Notes:
Improved User Interface and Dashboard
2. Includes New Web Service Address
3. Integrated Forge Model Viewer
4. Improved Generative Design features 

5. Custom Naming of Facades and Surfaces
6. Clickable Charts to display Surface Level details

7. Fix for Imperial Snapshot results

Click to download the latest FenestraPro Premium User Guide


Click to download a Sample 2016 Revit File to use with FenestraPro

Introduction Videos


Take a few minutes to review the software introduction and demo videos to familiarise yourself with the benefits and features of FenestraPro Premium before you get started with the software. The links to the right will take you directly to the Autodesk Knowledge Network to learn more about operating Autodesk Revit to maximise the results in FenestraPro Premium.

FenestraPro Premium for Autodesk Revit: Introduction Video
1:42 minutes

FenestraPro Premium for Autodesk Revit: Demo Video
6:04 minutes



Below are short videos of FenestraPro Premium for Revit Version 3.0 that demonstrate its functionalities - these can be played straight from the embedded video playlist, directly via the FenestraPro YouTube Channel or by clicking the active links in the video playlist. More videos will be added within the customer portal to help you master the software and improve your design process.

Outputs & Notifications
(Version 3.0)

Video Playlist:
006 Charts (2:44 minutes)
006 01 Detach Charts (1:39 minutes)
007 01 Snapshots (5:19 minutes)
008 Notifications (3:09 minutes)

Editing the Constructions.xml File


The following links will allow you to download a tutorial pdf on editing Revit's Constructions.xml file to include FenestraPro's door and window properties and FenestraPro's text file with these properties to copy and paste into your Constructions.xml.  

A short video tutorial is also available to explain the process. It is recommended that only users with sufficient expertise or BIM Managers carry out this operation.

FenestraPro is excited to join AIA Continuing Education to enable architects to keep current, master new knowledge and skills, plan for the future, and responsibly meet the role society entrusts to a professional architect. These programs also allow members to fulfill a requirement for AIA membership and meet any state mandatory continuing education requirements.


Questions? Feedback?


Let us know if you have any questions about using the software or if you have feedback that could help to improve FenestraPro Premium.

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