Surface fix – how to do it in Revit?

The latest version of the flagship FenestraPro Premium software for high-performance façade design is available. The innovation comes with FenestraPro with many new enhancements and functionalities which allow for more complete and at the same time easier façade design process but one is of particular importance for designers: Surface Fix.

Surface Fix functionality will allow the designer to analyze and make improvements to a surface in FenestraPro which has an inadequate thermal performance. In general, the smart intellect in FenestraPro will highlight the problematic surfaces, will show you details of their performance and even more – will provide solutions for achieving optimal performance right in the Revit model.

Here are some of the considerations we need to take into account when designing surfaces:

What are surfaces in the energy model in Revit and FenestraPro?

In an energy model in Revit, surfaces are the paths of heat transfer to or from each space. They include surfaces between interior spaces and the external environment.
To be more accurate, they are space boundary surfaces. For simplicity, however, Revit refers to them as surfaces.

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