How to use energy guidelines and regulations with FenestraPro

FenestraPro allows for management of the prescribed energy values

As regulations get updated and new standards are approved, we think it is best to allow our users to control the standards they consider most appropriate for their project. To facilitate this, we gave FenestraPro users the functionality to set their own values for Glazing, Wall, Floor and Roof U-Values and R-Values.  FenestraPro does not have predefined energy values, because they could differ from one geographical region to another and even in different zones in the same country. Still, the FenestraPro team is happy to provide general information on Local Building Regulations for your particular geographic region or country.

In this post you can find information and links to current regulations for various countries and links to useful websites where users may find more detailed information. We recommend that users check with their current local standards so that the figures applied are up to date and relevant to your project site location.

Also, we will walk you through how to use energy regulations in FenestraPro software so that you can design a façade or high-performance building which is full compliant with local energy regulations. Of course, we encourage you to strive for best possible building performance, not only for regulations compliance. 

For detailed example on using FenestraPro for regulations compliance and energy-efficient facade and building design in Europe, please check our recorded webinar and blog post on using Norway’s TEK17 building regulations.

How to use specific energy values in FenestraPro?

For new users of FenestraPro, we provide here a sample of Energy Codes for some regions. They are provided here as general guidance to allow users to commence analysis but since values may not always be current to your location or region, users are advised to check with current regulations applicable for their location.

(FenestraPro assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these values as they may change from time to time and users are advised to confirm with their regulatory bodies and government publications as to the current applicable Standards and Building Codes that are relevant and in effect for your region/jurisdiction).

Here is an example

Energy Regulations New York City

Approved Document L
Building regulation in England setting standards for the energy performance of new and existing buildings.
(These are sample values only and may not be applicable/current to your region or country, they may be used for initial simulations and learning the software. Please check with your relevant Building Codes which Standard is applicable to your project)

FenestraPro User Support Guide 4.2

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