We’re very excited to bring our latest façade design and user management features to life with the release of FenestraPro for Revit Version 5.0.

Alongside the existing benefits of optimizing glass-to-wall ratio and automatic generation of façade solutions, we’ve added a host of new features that support our mission in bringing the design back to the designer.

Shading Data

Evolving FenestraPro for Revit’s ability to calculate the shading effects of a buildings’ surrounding environment, we have now exposed this data to enable the designer to view the annual average shading factor(s)s for each façade or surface in our ‘Output’ field of graphs. Users can now create a rendered animation for the entire year using the DirectX gaming engine!

Improved Visualization

FenestraPro for Revit has improved the ability for users to navigate and visualise facades and surfaces on a more presentable, rendered representation of a model. This further supports the direct link between performance data and aesthetic design of the façade.

Detailed Thermal Performance

FenestraPro for Revit can be used throughout the design process as an advanced thermal performance analysis tool to calculate the performance of glazing assemblies. With the release of Revit 2019, API functionality is included to query curtain wall panels for any dependant elements. This allows designers to use the geometry and materials of all nested curtain wall panels. The glazing analysis tool allows users to go through various window and curtain wall panel family types present in the model to present granular analytical results for each family. This functionality supports custom panels and nested components while allowing modifications to individual element performances within the enclosure.

“FenestraPro enabled us to dynamically alter, check, and validate our performances and geometries, and achieve a very specific design proposal. While our façade consultants stopped at broad overall u-values, using FenestraPro in coordination with our BIM model allowed us to refine and tighten up our thermal performances in greater detail.”

Richard Aeck
Enclosures Group
Skidmore Owings and Merrill, New York

Export COMcheck Information

To streamline designers’ workflow, FenestraPro for Revit users can now quickly export a summarized sheet of geometric and performance data from Revit outlining all requirements for COMcheck Envelope tab. This includes Components, Assembly, Details, Areas and Performance Values (R / U / SHGC).

Improved User Management

With our new User Management System, part of FenestraPro Platform, Digital Design Managers or BIM Leaders can easily manage access to FenestraPro for Revit for additional users within their firm. This allows FenestraPro customers the ability to add, manage, and switch seat usage. This ability to manage users is a key feature in identifying the best value from FenestraPro and bringing performance-led façade design to back to the designer.

For more information on Version 5.0, please contact:

Megan Doyle
Marketing Manager
Email: mdoyle@fenestrapro.com
Mobile: +353 83 396 4149