Determining Thermal Performance: The FenestraPro Glazing Analysis App

FenestraPro Glazing Analysis App


Ever try to calculate the detailed thermal performance of a facade from inside Revit? It’s not easy, right? We’re very excited to launch the FenestraPro Glazing Analysis application as part of our latest release of FenestraPro Version 6.0.

FenestraPro Glazing Analysis is a function of the FenestraPro For Revit add-in used to analyze curtain walls, windows, and other glazing assemblies to determine an overall thermal performance, including framing, mullions, spandrels and boundary conditions.

It will extrapolate an overall U-value of complex or composite windows and curtain wall family elements within Revit, in accordance with National Fenestration Rating Council Incorporated (NFRC) guidelines.

    FenestraPro Glazing Analysis App

    Revit currently allows users to assign a thermal performance to a window and curtain panel element (assembly) by selecting a matching construction make-up sourced from a hard-coded, static list of make-ups.

    This list can only cover so many different construction make-ups and is also not suited to describing the composite constructions found in more complex window and curtain wall components detailed by our users.

    Up until Revit 2018, users would have had to calculate the thermal performance themselves and then edit the hard-coded list of constructions to add an accurate construction make-up for that window or panel family instance type…

    FenestraPro now allows us to access all nested components making up a window or panel family instance. This gives users the ability to step in and retrieve the geometry and materials of each family component making up a particular window or curtain wall panel family, and lets us extrapolate the area weighted average assembly U-Value as described by the NFRC.

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    How Does the Glazing Application Work?

    The glazing app works by listing the materials found in the family. The user is asked to categorize each material. Categories as such include Frame, Glazed, Solid as well as an Excluded category to remove excess material from calculations. The user is also asked to apply a thermal performance R- or U-Value for each usable material.

    This allows the app to organize exposed geometry into performance zones. Each zone can be further refined with Edge-of-glazing U-Factors and an edge condition performance value and category (Frame or Divider). The area weighted average assembly U-Value can now be calculated for that family type.

    The assembly U-Values can be exported to CSV format, with more options in development. FenestraPro for Revit can use these exported assembly U-Values to provide an extremely accurate picture of the unit’s performance within the building envelope

    This add-in arms our users with another powerful tool to drive the aesthetic design of a building facade, while always understanding the performance implications.

    You can watch a short video of the FenestraPro Glazing Analysis app here.

    About FenestraPro For Revit

    FenestraPro For Revit, a user-friendly platform that combines considerations for daylighting, thermal performance and analysis of solar heat gain, enabling designers to maintain aesthetic control.


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