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Reducing Energy One Year At A Time

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Architectural Technologists Simon Whelan and Dave Palmer were frustrated as directors of an architectural practice when trying to understand the implications of core design decisions on the performance of a building. They found that barriers existed in the workflow that prevented their architectural teams from truly engaging with energy performance. In 2012 and two master’s degrees later, Dave and Simon founded FenestraPro with the vision to strip out the complexities and uncertainties associated with overall building analysis and provide designers with the tools to understand, influence, and design high-performing buildings.

Working with leading global architectural and engineering firms over the last 10 years, FenestraPro has evolved from a stand-alone product to a fully integrated BIM application providing key data on the overall performance of the building’s façade. From conceptual design through to more detailed façade analysis at the schematic stage, FenestraPro has extensive supporting resources for architects, engineers, and BIM specialists.

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FenestraPro About Us
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Design Beautiful, High-Performing Buildings

FenestraPro is a façade design platform created to identify more sustainable uses of the façade from the early stages of the design process. Rather than rely on input from sustainability specialists, FenestraPro provides users with the tools and knowledge to analyze how daylighting, shading, and overall thermal performance can optimize the façade.

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Why Focus On The Façade?

The built environment accounts for about 40% of global end energy use, whereas 99% of buildings have a negative impact on the built environment. However, the façade can control more than half (~57%) of a building's energy!

With the façade acting as a moderator between both internal and external environments in architecture, façade optimization is critical to reducing energy use and project cost. FenestraPro provides architects, engineers and building designers with the knowledge and data to report and implement facade optimization strategies for more sustainable buildings.

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Teams Reducing Energy In The Built Environment

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Work With Us!

Headquartered in Dublin with a global workforce, we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Check out our open positions below.

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