11/08/2017 - News

Coming Soon – FenestraPro Premium for Revit Version 4.0


FenestraPro Premium Version 4.0 sees huge advancements in the façade design tool, while still maintaining our core mission to allow all designers design better performing buildings easily, quickly, and dynamically within the Revit platform.

Version 4.0 hosts a wealth of new features, functionality, and improvements, including:

Improved User Interface.

Based on discussions with Users, we have evolved our User Interface to be sleeker, cleaner, and more usable.

Integration of Forge viewer platform

Using the Autodesk Forge platform, we have integrated a viewer, that can render and display performance data graphically to the model, and get more granular with data, displaying monthly, and ultimately daily solar, thermal and daylighting performances.

Choice of Building Elements and Spatial Elements calculation methods within the detailed Revit model.

While still supporting the Spatial Analysis of the Revit Energy Model which analyzes Analytical Spaces, FenestraPro can also leverage the geometric properties of Building Elements from the Energy Model. This allows the User to deploy FenestraPro on an early, incomplete or ‘inelegant’ model, that has not yet been developed according to BIM best practices.

Improved Generative design capabilities

FenestraPro Premium’s Generate Glazing feature can drive the façade design based on the building performance requirements.

For example, how much glazing is required to achieve a known maximum solar heat gain?

Or how many openings of a given size will achieve a known glass to wall ratio?

What if the user modifies the number of openings… or the size of the opening?

FenestraPro will dynamically preview the proposed façade configuration, modifying for parameters added by the designer, while always achieving the desired performance.



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