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Version 6.1 Release

(Released April 7, 2021)

Release Notes:

1. Model Diagnostic expanded
2. Simplify Complex Models
3. 3D Charts and selections
4. Glazing Analysis Tool improved
5. Model Units Convertor
6. Platform Access to Learning Portal
7. User Defined Properties supported
8. Bug Fixing

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple Masses in the model, can I analyze them all?
Masses are analyzed separately. When you choose the Conceptual Mass option when loading the application, a message will appear to Choose the Mass. If there are several masses in the project analysis will occur on each one separately. Surrounding buildings may be modeled as separate masses as these can be used for shading effect calculations.
Can a Mass and a Detailed model in the same project be analyzed?
Yes, when opening FenestraPro, choose which model type you wish to analyze eg. Conceptual Mass or Detailed. There is one option for analyzing Conceptual Masses and two for Detailed models (Spatial Elements or Building Elements).

Please ensure that the mode set in Revit’s Energy Settings is set to ‘Use Conceptual Masses and Building Elements’ so that the Energy Model will apply to all types.

For both model types, ensure that basic modeling checks have been performed eg. for Mass models – ensure that Mass Floors have been assigned etc. Detailed models should have thermal properties applied to the glazing and building elements if possible (walls, floors and roofs).

Does FenestraPro support curved surface geometry?
Yes, simple curved geometry is supported for Detailed Revit models. Support for curved geometry in Mass models is in development and will be included in a future version. Where geometry is more complex, all areas may not be analysed fully and Users are advised to exercise caution with these types of models. Curved geometry may not be assigned Surfaces or be provided with results by FenestraPro.
Add Windows or Add Curtain Walls buttons are not displaying
These functions will become available when a solid wall is selected on the model or in the list.

Where the Add Windows function does not become available for a selected area on a model, this may be due to adjacent glazing being too close to the solid wall. Glazing that abuts a solid wall where windows are to be added, may prevent placement of windows there as the joint condition cannot be verified.

This may be overcome by moving the glazing away from the solid wall (eg. 3 feet / 1 metre). This may also occur where internal glazed partitions abut a solid exterior wall – the Add Windows function may be disabled.

You may temporarily move the internal glazed partitions back away from the exterior wall in order to place windows using FenestraPro and restore them when windows are placed.

Can Custom Groups created in Spatial Elements be used in Building Elements or vice-versa?
·  Custom Groups created in one method relies on the Surfaces that FenestraPro creates in that method. Since both options for analysing Detailed models will create, name and manage the number of Surfaces differently, any Groups created in one method will not apply to the other. If another method is used to analyse the same model, Custom Groups would have to be created again.

·  Custom Standards created in one method will be available in the any other method as these values can be applied to all model types.

Warning Symbols appear beside a Façade or Surface name
This is normal and is a helpful indicator that thermal properties need to be set for a glazed element on this Façade.

It may be that a door or window has no analytical property set. If one element is missing thermal properties, the warning indicator will appear beside the Façade containing that element. Thermal Properties may be set in Revit by using the Edit Type tool or by using Linc.

Can my analysis results be shared with a colleague?
·   If a colleague has the same version of FenestraPro, you may copy the results file and send it to them. If they paste this into their FenestraPro folder, the results will be available in the Charts and Dashboard when they open the application.

·   The path is C:/Users/‘Your User Name’/AppData/Local/FenestraPro

·   The file is called FProStore.db which contains all the results recorded by the application.

·    FenestraPro should be closed down first as it will be accessing files in the FenestraPro folder. It is recommended that the person to whom you are sending the file, first close down FenestraPro if it is open and rename their existing database file as a backup eg. FProStore.db should become – FProStore.db.bak.

·   This original file can then be restored later by:

·   1. Moving the new database file that you sent them to another folder outside the FenestraPro folder

·   2. Renaming the Original file back to the original name so that it will be used by the application.

·   The new file that you are sending them may then be placed in the Folder and will be used instead. It contains all the results for the models analysed to date. If they have access to the same models, this will be recognised and the results will appear in the application.

·   The version number of the software should be the same on both machines, otherwise there may be errors in reading the file or FenestraPro may fail to load.

·   The new file may then be stored elsewhere and the older file renamed back to its original name so that the user can continue their work.

·   Results may always be shared normally using the Snapshot Excel Report also which contains all the relevant information on the project.

There are Analytical Surfaces left over in the Revit model after a Mass has been deleted or moved. How can I remove this?
This may occur if the Energy Model was created but then masses were modified/moved/deleted. The Analytical Surfaces may still be in the model but may be hidden. These can be removed by going to the Energy Settings and changing the Mode to another type eg. ‘ Use Conceptual Masses and Building Elements’ Apply this and then change it back if needed. This should clear the redundant surfaces.
Can Custom Standards or Custom Groups that have been created be shared with colleagues?
Yes, FenestraPro saves your Standards in the FenestraPro folder which is on your local machine. This file may be copied and pasted into a colleagues folder on their machine if they also have a subscription to the application. First the colleague’s FenestraPro application should be closed out. Any existing file with Standards in their local folder should be cut and pasted to another location if it is to be restored later.

The sent file may be pasted into the FenestraPro folder and when the application is started, this will be used with the Standards that were created.

The path to the FenestraPro folder is usually on the C: drive and is found under Windows (C:) > Users > Your Name > App Data > Local > FenestraPro

The file will be named CustomStandards.db. Care should be taken not to delete the file from your own machine as this may cause the application to display an error as it will be referencing this file. The file may be copied and pasted to another location or emailed to a colleague etc.

Other files in this location store the results of analysis to date, log files of progress, error messages, Custom Groups and Glazing Specifications that have been created etc. Likewise, these may be shared with colleagues if information is to be common.

Results do not display on the Dashboard or Charts
Solar Loads first need to be calculated in the Building Manager. Once this is completed, results will display. In Mass models, a percentage glazing needs to be applied to the model. In Detailed models, glazing needs to have thermal properties assigned for results to display.
View Rotation is not orbiting the model and Surfaces are not being highlighted
Check that the Revit View is not the Energy Model view. Rotation and highlighting functions are not compatible with this View. Change to a default 3D View in Revit to see highlights display and to use the rotation feature when selecting Facades or Surfaces.

This feature may be turned on/off in Settings. Once changed, FenestraPro for Revit should be re-launched to view the effects.

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