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Version Release

(Released November 13, 2019)

Release Notes:

  1. Glazing Tool to support Nested Panels
  2. Shading Animation Viewer and Charts added
  3. Target – improved User Interface
  4. Fritting simulation for Detailed Models
  5. Access to Cloud Platform (with Subscription)
  6. Compliance Checking feature
  7. Linc Database of Glass Types – Add new Glass Types to Revit
  8. Linc integration for Generative Design
  9. HTML Reports option and Custom Charts
  10. Isolated Glazing Property Controls
  11. Support for Autodesk Revit 2020/2019/2018
  12. Improved Performance, General Maintenance and Bug fixes

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Common Questions

Why is there an Error Message when starting the FenestraPro Add-in?

Version 4.2 identifies previous versions of the application and will manage the database files which are stored on your machine (previous Solar Load calculations, Custom Groups and Standards, and Log files etc). Once installed, Version 4.2 will rename older folders and save this data.

If an error message appears, try clearing the cache files in the FenestraPro folder. This contains folder contains previous data and calculations from projects which have been analysed. If the project has been modified or was previously viewed in a different version of FenestraPro, this database may need to be deleted to start afresh.

The folder may be found in this location on your machine:

C:Users\\\\< User Name>\\\\AppData\\\\Local\\\\FenestraPro.

All the files may be deleted here. New files will be created when FenestraPro is opened again in Revit.

Why does FenestraPro not launch in Revit?

Please check that Revit is the latest version available.

Please check if your Revit version has the latest update and patches/fixes from Autodesk. The Autodesk Desktop App is available for this purpose. It will suggest relevant updates for your applications.

It is important that whatever Revit version you are using has the most recent updates from Autodesk so that it will work well with FenestraPro. Your Revit version may be checked by navigating to the Help Menu and scrolling down to the About Revit section. Clicking on this will open a new window where you may view the current version number that is installed.

Please check regularly that any updates released by Autodesk are installed if required.

Are older versions of Windows supported?

FenestraPro Version 4.2 supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. While all efforts are made to support Windows, earlier versions may not have full functionality or enjoy all the features of this release. Please report any issues to us and we will be happy to examine any problems.

Why are no values displaying on the Dashboard or in the Charts?

Open Building Manager and calculate the Solar Loads again .This will populate the latest results for the model in its current state. Possibly, the model was modified or there was an error contacting the web server to get the solar data.

For Conceptual Mass Models – check that a glazing percentage has been applied to the model. This may be done in FenestraPro’s Performance Manager or in Revit’s Energy Settings. For Conceptual Mass models – make sure that there is a glazing percentage assigned to the model in the Performance Manager. This can also be set in Revit’s Energy Settings.

It is a good idea to extend the panel to the side and leave open the General Tab which will display any errors. You may check there to see if there are any messages about your internet connection or issues with the web server. A poor connection may not allow FenestraPro to calculate the Solar Loads or display the Charts.

Also, please check that Glazing Properties have been set. When a window or Curtain Wall has been selected, go to Edit Type in Revit and check in the Analytical Constructions section for thermal properties. If these are not present, choose a Glazing Type from the list in Revit or use Linc to add a new type. (Note: new types assigned by Linc that are not already present in Revit will not display in Revit until the Revit Application is restarted).

Check that Revit’s Energy model is successful first and that there are no warnings. If there are, try to resolve these first before opening the application.

Make sure that you have not used Building Elements or Spatial Elements options with a Mass model. These options are for use with Detailed models only.

For Detailed Models, it is important that Properties have been set for elements in the Revit model eg. that Walls, Floors and Roofs have thermal properties. Glazing should be assigned a construction type also with associated thermal properties for U-Value, SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) and VLT (visual light transmittance).

Walls that are external should have their function set to ‘External’ in Revit. Walls that are set to Internal will not be excluded by FenestraPro. This can often happen when a wall begins externally and continues inside a building. If this is the case, a break should be made and another Internal wall created internally to separate the elements.

Glazing material, if assigned, should have the required transparency set in the materials browser, to be identified as glass.

Also make sure that the Energy Settings are correct. The Mode selected should suit the model type eg. Conceptual Mass for Mass Models, use Building Elements and Conceptual Mass for mixed models.

Also Ensure that the Phase is the same in the current Revit View and in the Energy Settings.


·      Check the Phase is correctly set in the Energy Settings

·      Check the Mode is correct in the Energy Settings

·      Check that outside Walls have their function set to External and not Internal

·      Any Glazing material should have a minimum transparency

·      Thermal Properties should be assigned to elements in the model (ie. Walls, floors, roofs, glazing)

·      For Mass Models, ensure that a percentage glazing is set

·      Check the internet connection is active and allows the web service to send the results to your application

·      Try calculating the Solar Loads again in the Building Manager

If is still an issue, please contact us for support: support@fenestrapro.com

Can Custom Groups created in Spatial Elements be used in Building Elements or vice-versa?

·  Custom Groups created in one method relies on the Surfaces that FenestraPro creates in that method. Since both options for analysing Detailed models will create, name and manage the number of Surfaces differently, any Groups created in one method will not apply to the other. If another method is used to analyse the same model, Custom Groups would have to be created again.

·  Custom Standards created in one method will be available in the any other method as these values can be applied to all model types.

When I select a Glass type from Linc, there is an error?

·   When installing FenestraPro, a screen will ask you to confirm permission to access Revit’s Construction Types file. If this is not checked during installation, the application will not be able to access this file to write the new entries.

·   If Revit’s Constructions.xml file is moved, replaced or edited manually after installation of FenestraPro, this may change the security permissions and prevent the application accessing the file. New Glass Types which are selected in Linc and are not currently listed in Revit will be added to the list, when Revit is closed and reopened. This allows the new entries to be written to Revit.


Can my analysis results be shared with a colleague?

·   If a colleague has the same version of FenestraPro, you may copy the results file and send it to them. If they paste this into their FenestraPro folder, the results will be available in the Charts and Dashboard when they open the application.

·   The path is C:/Users/‘Your User Name’/AppData/Local/FenestraPro

·   The file is called FProStore.db which contains all the results recorded by the application.

·    FenestraPro should be closed down first as it will be accessing files in the FenestraPro folder. It is recommended that the person to whom you are sending the file, first close down FenestraPro if it is open and rename their existing database file as a backup eg. FProStore.db should become – FProStore.db.bak.

·   This original file can then be restored later by:

·   1. Moving the new database file that you sent them to another folder outside the FenestraPro folder

·   2. Renaming the Original file back to the original name so that it will be used by the application.

·   The new file that you are sending them may then be placed in the Folder and will be used instead. It contains all the results for the models analysed to date. If they have access to the same models, this will be recognised and the results will appear in the application.

·   The version number of the software should be the same on both machines, otherwise there may be errors in reading the file or FenestraPro may fail to load.

·   The new file may then be stored elsewhere and the older file renamed back to its original name so that the user can continue their work.

·   Results may always be shared normally using the Snapshot Excel Report also which contains all the relevant information on the project.

There are Analytical Surfaces left over in the Revit model after a Mass has been deleted or moved. How can I remove this?

This may occur if the Energy Model was created but then masses were modified/moved/deleted. The Analytical Surfaces may still be in the model but may be hidden. These can be removed by going to the Energy Settings and changing the Mode to another type eg. ‘ Use Conceptual Masses and Building Elements’ Apply this and then change it back if needed. This should clear the redundant surfaces.

Can Custom Standards or Custom Groups that have been created be shared with colleagues?

Yes, FenestraPro saves your Standards in the FenestraPro folder which is on your local machine. This file may be copied and pasted into a colleagues folder on their machine if they also have a subscription to the application. First the colleague’s FenestraPro application should be closed out. Any existing file with Standards in their local folder should be cut and pasted to another location if it is to be restored later.

The sent file may be pasted into the FenestraPro folder and when the application is started, this will be used with the Standards that were created.

The path to the FenestraPro folder is usually on the C: drive and is found under Windows (C:) > Users > Your Name > App Data > Local > FenestraPro

The file will be named CustomStandards.db. Care should be taken not to delete the file from your own machine as this may cause the application to display an error as it will be referencing this file. The file may be copied and pasted to another location or emailed to a colleague etc.

Other files in this location store the results of analysis to date, log files of progress, error messages, Custom Groups and Glazing Specifications that have been created etc. Likewise, these may be shared with colleagues if information is to be common.

There is an error message that the licensing server cannot be reached

This means that there is a problem connecting to the internet. Please check your network connection and retry. FenestraPro requires an internet connection to calculate Solar Loads for the glazing. Different conditions will define the results (eg. Orientation/ Angle of Glazing, Climate, Occupancy etc).

View Rotation is not orbiting the model and Surfaces are not being highlighted

Check that the Revit View is not the Energy Model view. Rotation and highlighting functions are not compatible with this View. Change to a default 3D View in Revit to see highlights display and to use the rotation feature when selecting Facades or Surfaces.

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