20/11/2017 - News

FenestraPro Linc



It was an exciting week for all at FenestraPro last week! We were at Autodesk University to present at the Autodesk IMAGINE – The Future of Building Design briefing to an invited panel of industry guests.

We are one of the first third party developers in the world to develop a commercial application on Autodesk’s Quantum platform. FenestraPro Linc is part of the FenestraPro Premium suite that allows users to access live manufacturers data and information on the cloud, and incorporate it directly into their Revit models, while attaching the properties and specification to Revit families.

These updates can be instantaneously be synced with other platforms, and also viewed and modified through the Forge viewer, giving agnostic cross-platform functionality.

Linc connects the cloud based database directly to Revit and gives the user an intuitive way to search, filter, create, and compare different building enclosure products and apply to them their model, to achieve required energy performance values.

To date, construction information and analytical properties have been managed in Revit through the Constructions.xml file, which contains properties such as thermal performance, light transmittance, and solar heat gain coefficient.

However, this xml is outdated, difficult to change, and cannot be searched in an intuitive manner.

Linc addresses this by moving this list, along with a new, up-to-date manufacturers database to the Quantum platform, and allows Users pass data and properties back and forth to Revit, Forge and other Autodesk platforms in real-time.



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