31/05/2018 - News

FenestraPro Premium 4.1 – New Features


We are excited to release FenestraPro Premium for Revit Version 4.1 with new features and improved performance. The Dashboard has been improved with graphical dials to display summary results and there are also brand new features which improve workflow and functionality.

Custom Groups provide a way for Users to select critical Surfaces in the project and make a Group of these which can be saved for review. Users can also create Custom Energy Standards with their own values to serve as a benchmark for model analysis. Curtain Walls (included as a beta feature) can now be generated in FenestraPro 4.1 using the Spatial Elements method and combined over several levels. The User Interface for Conceptual Mass models has now also been simplified so it is similar to that for detailed models while maintaining he same fine controls required for mass models.

Let’s get you started with FenestraPro Premium 4.1 for Revit.


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