18/08/2017 - nZEB

FenestraPro Premium: Generative Design Features


Designers often like to compare alternative options to decide on the best strategy for optimising energy performance. Glazing design requires consideration of solar loads, heat losses and daylighting.

FenestraPro Premium for Revit allows designers to optimise facade design by comparing alternative glazing options based on energy performance requirements. A facade can be chosen and windows can be designed and created directly in the Revit Model from FenestraPro.

The starting point for designers may be either Target Solar Load, Maximum Solar Load or Target Percentage Glazing. Window sizes may then be set which can bepreviewed on the model before being written to the Revit Model. Glazing Specifications can be modified in FenestraPro Premium and the number of windows adjusted to suit the design intentions. Windows can also be spaced evenly or according to dimensions specified. Solar Loads and Glazing Percentage for the chosen design are immediately displayed in the preview before being accepted.

Windows can be added to multiple facades simultaneously but settings individually controlled for each facade. Results in FenestraPro Premium will then update automatically to incorporate the changes made to the design. Various Options can be explored and saved as snapshots for comparing results for Daylight and Solar Heat Gain in an Excel Sheet to assist the designer in deciding which option to choose in the building design process.

Our Generative Design features will be available in FenestraPro Premium for Revit Version 4 which will be available soon.



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