24/08/2018 - FenestraPro Linc

FenestraPro Premium – Improved Support for Custom Panels in Revit


Revit has had an ongoing issue allowing Users modify properties to nested components in Curtain Panel families.

The Curtain Panel family may often have components modeled with a generic model template, but these will not show up when Curtain Panels are scheduled in Revit. Also, Thermal Properties in Revit only display for the Curtain Panel, but not for the Nested Components. Parameters may be created in these nested families by editing each component family and introducing Shared Parameters which will then appear in the Host project.


FenestraPro has developed a method to access the data of the nested components using the Revit API and the relevant materials, to display areas and thermal properties of each sub-panel.

Each sub-panel can now be itemized and quantified, with custom values assigned for thermal properties of each section, using FenestraPro.

Both solid and glazed components can now be displayed independently, and properties modified directly by the User using a drop list.

Each Material contained in the panel now has a row in the Details List and can be edited separately. The number of such panels are listed in the header and areas for each sub-panel are listed in the drop-down box.

Modifying the SHGC and VLT in the drop-down box for glazing panels will also change the results in the FenestraPro’s Dashboard and Charts.



Adding an R-Value for the glazing component will write custom parameters to the family and will update the Average R-Value in the Dashboard and Charts for those elements selected in the Façade Manager.



Materials to be identified as Window Frame can be checked in the drop-down box. This option is available for all materials listed.



The Snapshot Excel Report will now contain extra parameters for the nested panels.

If you wish to learn more, get a demo of this or any other aspect of FenestraPro Premium for Revit, please contact us here.

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