12/07/2017 - nZEB

FenestraPro Premium: Supporting Curtain Walls


FenestraPro Premium is constantly improving its functionality and features for supporting the design of curtain walls. FenestraPro Premium 3.2 supports the following when analytical properties are set for the glazing components:

• Curtain Walls
• Exterior Glazing
• Storefronts
• Curtain Systems

FenestraPro Premium will read the properties of Curtain Wall glazing and will calculate Solar Loads and Daylighting values for surfaces.
Individual Curtain Wall Panels may have separate analytical properties if different family types are created. If Analytical Properties are modified in Revit families, they will be read by FenestraPro. By clicking into the curtain panels in the Revit Model using the Tab key, analytical properties may be set for glazing and spandrel panels in the Type Properties using the ‘Edit Type’ button in the Properties Palette.

Curtain Wall Units may also be created in Revit with separate panel types which may have unique properties set for each type eg. glazing panels, spandrel, louvers, solid etc..

If the Revit Model is modified while FenestraPro is in session and panels are changed from solid to glazed, FenestraPro Premium will update dynamically and display revised values for Solar Loads, Daylighting and Glazing Percentage. When the User changes the Analytical Properties are modified in Revit families, they will be read by FenestraPro after Revit regenerates the Energy Model.

Watch this helpful video to understand the process:


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