18/03/2015 - News

FenestraPro – Target


FenestraPro are delighted to announce that FenestraPro Target, the first of the FenestraPro Add-In range for Autodesk Revit, has been launched on the Autodesk Exchange as a FREE TRIAL for a limited time.

Target is an Overall Percentage Glazing Calculator based on the thermal considerations of a building, enabling architects and other designers to investigate how to design a building with the required Target Percentage Glazing, while achieving the required performance.

Whether the design brief is for a fully glazed building, or a solid industrial unit, FenestraPro Target will quickly inform the designer how to realise their aesthetic design, and apply it directly to the conceptual model with Revit.


FenestraPro Target calculates the Maximum Allowable Percentage Glazing appropriate to a building façade based on the following considerations:
• Areas and Volume of the space, calculated from the Conceptual Model or Energy Model within Revit;
• Overall Performance values of the building and the façade;
• Elemental Performance values of the building envelope;

These values can be modified dynamically to consider their relationship with each other. the user can then select Target Percentage Glazing, and apply this directly to the conceptual model.

FenestraPro Target takes functionality around the thermal considerations of the building offered as part of the full FenestraPro Premium for Revit suite.

FenestraPro Target
is available for download HERE on a FREE TRIAL immediately on the Autodesk Exchange for Revit 2014 & 2015.
NOTE: As this version is a FREE TRIAL the time limit of use for FenestraPro Target is restricted.


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