18/02/2019 - Blog

Nested Panel Support and Curtain Wall Generation


Support for Nested Panels in Revit

Curtain Panel families in Revit may often be composed of components or nested panels. Within a panel family, there may be separate materials eg. Glazing, spandrel, masonry, wood etc.

FenestraPro Version 4.2 now identifies these materials individually and provides a breakdown of the areas of each sub-panel. The properties for each sub-panel area may then be modified by entering custom values that are suitable.

The Dashboard results, which displays an average of the Surfaces selected in the Façade Navigator will update to include the values that have been input for the sub-panels.

Since material names may vary from project to project, the ability to identify a framing material is also included.

This provides full control over sub-panel materials in a model where previously, a thermal property could only be applied to the entire panel.

Curtain Wall Generation with Performance Targets (Beta)

Users can quickly and dynamically generate Glazing Assemblies based on geometric or performance requirements, and automatically populate the Revit model. Different panel and framing specifications can be selected to quickly drive the model.

Want to know how to do it in FenestraPro? Checkout this video:


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