9/02/2018 - FenestraPro Linc

Testing Compliance with ASHRAE 90.1


At FenestraPro, it is part of our belief that as architects we can design better performing buildings, facades and envelopes in a more dynamic and fluid way. We want to give designers the best opportunity to understand the implications of prescriptive or regulatory performance values on the aesthetic design of your building.

FenestraPro provides an early stage compliance checking tool, to set thermal performance values for differing elements, or the overall envelope, and see how glass to wall ratios are affected.

In FenestraPro, R-Values for Elements in the Revit Model are checked for compliance with the Ashrae 90.1 for Zones 1 -4 and 5-8 separately. If they are below the recommended limit, they are shown in Black as complying. If they are too high and require adjustment, they will display as Red.

If Element properties are modified in the Revit model, theses values update in FenestraPro and are are re-tested for compliance. Shortly we will be releasing a new version where Custom Standards can be input by the user and properties in the model will then be compared automatically to these custom values for the relevant elements (Floor, Walls, Roof and Glazing). This allows the user to check the construction not just against the current Building Codes but against any set of values aspired to by the design team.

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