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Announcing the new version of FenestraPro Premium

The latest version of the flagship FenestraPro Premium software for high-performance façade design is now available. The latest development of FenestraPro comes with many new enhancements and functionalities which allow for a more complete and at the same time, easier façade design process.

Here are some of the latest innovations in our façade design software:


FenestraPro Premium 4.2.8 now comes with Linc – the latest software innovation from FenestraPro. This application provides access to a database of glazing types which can be applied directly to the Revit model quickly, dynamically and based on performance. The software solution offers users a more intuitive way to search, filter and select glazing types to achieve the required performance, while also giving an understanding of colors, Location and Environmental Product Declaration for the particular glazing of choice.

Enhanced user experience improvements allows for seamless integration between glazing types and façade performance. A bubble chart, for example, displays the glass types which may be filtered by property type and selected entries may be added to Revit by applying these types to the glazing directly in Linc. In this way the entries will be applied to the Revit model and will seamlessly link product data with performance design.

Surface Fix for resolving thermal issues

Surface Fix functionality will allow the User to analyze and make improvements to a Surface which has an inadequate thermal performance. Surfaces which need attention will be highlighted and you may choose which properties to change.


Then, the software will provide a connection to Linc which will suggest a selection of Glass Types which in turn will resolve any performance issues. The properties of the new Glass Type will be applied to that element in Revit and the results will be automatically updated.  Linc will provide a shortlist of suitable and appropriate glazing types to apply.

Support for Nested Panels in Revit

Your project could require different components or panels for your façade. And now FenestraPro Premium 4.2.8 provides consideration of the performance of all the different types of panels in your façade.

Curtain Panel families in Revit may often be composed of components or nested panels. Within a panel family, there may be separate materials like glazing, spandrel, masonry, wood and many others.

FenestraPro Version 4.2.8 now comes with great functionality which identifies these materials individually and provides a breakdown of the areas of each sub-panel. The properties for each sub-panel area may then be modified by entering the desired custom values.

The Dashboard results, which display an average of the Surfaces selected in the Façade Navigator will update to include the values that have been input for the sub-panels. Since material names may vary from project to project, you also have the ability to identify the particular framing material by classifying it as ‘frame’.

This provides full control over sub-panel materials in a model where previously, a thermal property could only be applied to the entire panel.

Fritting for Detailed Models

FenestraPro Premium can provide control over different panels but can now also include fritting of the glass in Detailed Models. This is another great functionality, linking building and façade aesthetic with performance – now designers can apply the desired fritting to their model and analyze the resulting performance.

The designer can apply Transparency and Coverage and the results will update to include the effect of reduced solar transmittance and daylight. FenestraPro Premium provides a simulation of a fritting pattern to be applied to the selected glazing. This may be adjusted up or down and the results will update to reflect the changes.

Curtain Wall Generation with Performance Targets

Taking into account building performance is easier with Curtain Wall Generation driven by Performance Targets in FenestraPro Premium. FenestraPro provides the ability to create Curtain Walls on the Revit Model using for example a Target Solar Load or Percentage Opening. Then,  the dimensions of the Curtain Wall or the opening sizes are suggested. You can also choose grid distances, mullion types and the Curtain Wall may be previewed before applying it to the model.

Apart from the above improvements, FenestraPro Premium comes with additional general performance improvements and support for Autodesk Revit 2019/2018/2017.

Come back soon for detailed tutorials into how to deploy the great new functionalities with FenestraPro Premium for Revit.

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