3/05/2019 -

Why are no values displaying on the Dashboard or in the Charts?

Open Building Manager and calculate the Solar Loads again .This will
populate the latest results for the model in its current state. Possibly,
the model was modified or there was an error contacting the web
server to get the solar data.
For Conceptual Mass Models – check that a glazing percentage has
been applied to the model. This may be done in FenestraPro’s
Performance Manager or in Revit’s Energy Settings.
For Conceptual Mass models – make sure that there is a glazing percentage assigned to the model in the Performance Manager. This can also be set in Revit’s Energy Settings.
It is a good idea to extend the panel to the side and leave open the
General Tab which will display any errors. You may check there to see if
there are any messages about your internet connection or issues with
the web server. A poor connection may not allow FenestraPro to
calculate the Solar Loads or display the Charts.
Also, please check that Glazing Properties have been set. When a
window or Curtain Wall has been selected, go to Edit Type in Revit and
check in the Analytical Constructions section for thermal properties. If
these are not present, choose a Glazing Type from the list in Revit or
use Linc to add a new type. (Note: new types assigned by Linc that are
not already present in Revit will not display in Revit until the Revit
Application is restarted).
Check that Revit’s Energy model is successful first and that there are
no warnings. If there are, try to resolve these first before opening the
Make sure that you have not used Building Elements or Spatial
Elements options with a Mass model. These options are for use with
Detailed models only.
For Detailed Models, it is important that Properties have been set for
elements in the Revit model eg. that Walls, Floors and Roofs have
thermal properties. Glazing should be assigned a construction type also
with associated thermal properties for U-Value, SHGC (solar heat gain
coefficient) and VLT(visual light transmittance).
Walls that are external should have their function set to ‘External’ in
Revit. Walls that are set to Internal will not be excluded by FenestraPro.
This can often happen when a wall begins externally and continues
inside a building. If this is the case, a break should be made and
another Internal wall created internally to separate the elements.
Glazing material, if assigned, should have the required transparency
set in the materials browser, to be identified as glass.
Also make sure that the Energy Settings are correct. The Mode selected
should suit the model type eg. Conceptual Mass for Mass Models, use
Building Elements and Conceptual Mass for mixed models.
Also Ensure that the Phase is the same in the current Revit View and in
the Energy Settings.
  • Check the Phase is correctly set in the Energy Settings
  • Check the Mode is correct in the Energy Settings
  • Check that outside Walls have their function set to External and
not Internal
  • Any Glazing material should have a minimum transparency
  • Thermal Properties should be assigned to elements in the model (ie. Walls, floors, roofs, glazing)
  • For Mass Models, ensure that a percentage glazing is set
  • Check the internet connection is active and allows the web
service to send the results to your application
  • Try calculating the Solar Loads again in the Building Manager
  • If is still an issue, please contact us for support:
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