24/10/2016 - News

Version 3.0 has arrived!


Following the release of Version 2.1, which added significant user functionality, FenestraPro has now released Version 3.0 of their innovative façade performance software. FenestraPro Premium for Revit Version 3.0 now supports the use of the platform at any point in the design process, starting from the conceptual massing tools through to the detailed project environment.

Based on feedback from users, including global architecture firms such as Perkins & Will, Pei Cobb Freed and AS+GG, the ability of FenestraPro to function in the detailed model is a major step forward. As well as providing key design parameters early in the conceptual and detailed design, Version 3.0 now provides users with real time performance indicators demonstrating the impact of design decisions throughout the design process. This reduces the need for design iteration, improving the design process and providing proven cost benefits.


FenestraPro Premium for Revit Version 3.0 considers and supports curtain wall systems, glazing and shading in even more detail than ever before by giving the user the ability to create and resize windows via user input, or driven through FenestraPro Premium’s calculations. It will read different shading devices and provide dynamic analysis on shading via the existing web service.

FenestraPro continually strives to advance their software with the enhanced ability to design more sustainable buildings and reducing time spent redesigning to meet ever increasing performance requirements. By giving the architect aesthetic control while also improving the design process by eliminating costly late stage redesign fees, FenestraPro Premium for Revit Version 3.0 can help you optimise façade design for better building performance.



Let us get into more detail on exactly how FenestraPro Premium will add value to your building design process.



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