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Case Studies

Since 2014, FenestraPro has been used to guide design decisions on high profile, international projects. Why use FenestraPro? Ask some of the world’s leading firms.

TVS Identifies Cost-Saving Opportunities Using Frit Patterns

Shading and fritting are two passive design strategies commonly used to combat excess solar loads and the overheating of buildings in hotter climates.

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Effective Workflows For The Revit Energy Analysis Model

Review our research into the effects of the Revit Energy Analysis Model on BIM efficiencies and the workflows you can incorporate to deliver high-performing buildings.

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AECOM Designs Kuwait International Airport

FenestraPro was used to examine the implications of substantial glazing on specific orientations and the impact it would have in terms of thermal performance.

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AECOM FenestraPro Kuwait Airport Case Study 3

Page/ Investigates Glass-To-Wall Ratios

Designers used FenestraPro to experiment with the implications of a range of glass to wall ratios while exporting data to comparatively analyze the results.

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AECOM Designs Intricate Building Envelopes in NYC

FenestraPro enabled designers to continuously ensure compliance with thermal performances and glass-to-wall standards as design proposals were developed in Revit.

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Users Optimizing Their Designs


FenestraPro has been transformational for us by empowering our architects to quickly design and deliver beautiful, functional buildings to achieve the energy performance requirements that are part of our ethos at Page/.

robert-phinney fenestrapro avatar
Robert Phinney
Associate Principal, Director of Sustainable Design at Page/

SOM NYC has utilized FenestraPro on detailed panelization design processes for past and current case studies, providing us with dedicated knowledge towards our goals and to meet performance-based design initiatives.

Ruben Cabanillas Ramos
Ruben Cabanillas Ramos
Architect in Enclosures Group at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

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